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Online impressions are created every time a consumer encounters (or doesn’t encounter!) your brand when looking for information. Impressions are created through your website, business listings, Facebook and Twitter pages, email communications, social media interactions, online reviews, and search engine results. A great impression will bring in more customers! While a poor impression will send consumers straight to your competition.

What consumers see online shapes the impression they form about your business.

  • Are you ranking highly on Google search results?
  • Do the top search results lead straight to your business website or store location?
  • Are you ranking above your competitors with the keywords that count?
  • Are you happy with the information presented about your business?
  • Do online links and references to your business present the image you want to project?
  • Are your business mentions predominantly positive?

If you answered ‘no’ to any of these questions, you can improve your business by boosting your online presence and reputation. There are several easy steps you can take to improve the impression people form about your company when looking for your products or services online.

6 Simple Strategies for Improving Online Impressions of Your Business

Google Ads

1.  Make sure people know about your business and its services! It's essential that you make it easy for potential clients to find you. The fastest way to get your business out there and bring in more leads is a paid Google or Facebook ad campaign. You can immediately get your business website on top of Google’s search page with a targeted paid Google Ads campaign.

Before you invest in this form of paid advertising, make sure your business is presenting the online image that you want seen. If you have a physical store location, make sure local searchers can easily find all the information they need to convince them to visit you.

Online Shopping

2.  Check that your Business Listings and your free Google My Business Page are up to date. A Google My Business Page is a fast and cost-effective ways to improve your position on Google Search and Google Maps. These listings highlight your business, your location, special deals, and more. An enhanced listing with photos, a services catalog, and great customer reviews will create a positive impression and encourage people to visit your store.

SEO Content Organic Search

3.  You don’t want to have to keep paying Google to highlight your business. Leverage the power of content marketing through your blog and social media to heighten your online presence and boost your organic search engine results. Develop your online presence with the goal of making it easy for customers to find you. The right content and keywords on your website will help Google show your business to the people interested in your services.

Market Segmentation

4.  Once people do find you online, you want them to love what you’re offering, and want to do business with you. Use market research to ensure you’re speaking to the right audience and offering the right online experience to your customers. Create loyal fans with engaging content to speaks directly to their needs.

If you market your brand to different audiences, use market segmentation to make sure potential customers are getting the information they need. Direct online clicks to customized landing pages created to address each customer’s specific interests. Personalization makes it easier to capture new business leads.

Social Platforms Online Marketing

5.  Do more to grow and influence your audience by using a range of social media channels to boost brand awareness.  Design a content strategy for your social messages with your target audience in mind. Analyze your social metrics to make sure every ‘reach’ and ‘impression’ is going towards people who are actually interested in your brand.

Best Website Design

6.  Optimize your customers’ online experience when visiting your website. If you operate online, your website is your brand’s storefront. Enhance your business with a fantastic, user-friendly website. Make it easy for people to find your services, book an appointment, schedule a phone call, or get important advice. If you know you’re getting plenty of website visitors, but your conversion rate is low, it's time to rethink your website design and content to see why you’re missing out on potential sales.

Not sure where to start with choosing the best marketing approach for your business?

Contact us and talk to a content marketing expert. If your marketing strategy is aimed at improving your online presence, we can help you with advice on which online marketing approach will give you the best results to boost your business performance. Find out how content marketing and website design can help you expand your reach, deliver a great impression, and grow your business.

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