For 25 years, Neil Turner has been selling his custom made timber tables, outdoor patio settings, and rustic timber bars all up and down the coast at local markets, regional home shows, and ag fairs. He's sold hundreds of tables to happy customers and has a great reputation. But with Covid-19 restrictions, the cancellation of all the major markets meant his tried and true method of connecting with his customers just stopped.

Neil's a great carpenter. He can design and build whatever kind of table or timber setting you need. But he's not much into technology. He knew he needed to get online, but had no idea how it all worked. He has a Facebook page, but he wasn't sure how his son got all their photos on there and replied to comments. And, for a small, country business with low turnover, the idea of forking out thousands for a simple website in the current climate is just too scary to contemplate.

Helping other local small businesses get online is my favourite thing to do! We kept it all nice and simple. Neil and I had a chat and he told me all about his tables. We talked about how they're constructed, the different projects he's done, and how the business has changed over the years. Then his wife, Jill, figured out the emails to send me some photos and prices. That was it.

A few days later, Turner's Tables has a brand new website. We made the decision not build his website as an eCommerce store. Neil would rather take orders over the phone. He's happier chatting to people to get a feel for what they want rather than just receiving a digital order. So I focused on click-to-call CTAs and basic enquiry forms. He wanted to show his range of furniture with plenty of buttons that were easy for people to see and click on.

This is the result....

The mock-up below may not accurately show the actual responsive design for mobile, tablet, and laptop.

Visit to see his new site in action.

If you’re in the market for some new timber furniture and you live on the NSW Mid North Coast anywhere within a few hours of Port Macquarie, reach out to Neil (and tell him how good his new website is while you’re at it!)

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