Get Your Business Online

With businesses moving to lockdown and people needing to stay home, it makes it hard for businesses without an online presence to maintain contact with potential customers. To help local small businesses and sole traders, we are happy to offer our services to get you up and running online FAST.

Step by Step to Getting Your Business Online

This isn't the usual process to setting up your website. We'd usually recommend competitor research, and an in-depth Q&A to understand your business and your marketing goals. But, with COVID-19 and the drastic change to business practices, here is the super-fast method to getting your business up and running with a simple webpage.

  • Get website hosting and choose your domain name
  • Decide on a theme or web page style
  • Send us your logo, content, and images
  • Decide on the best way for clients to contact you
  • Review the draft page and make sure all is okay
  • Promote your website on social media!

Here's How It Works...

Web Hosting

1.  You need hosting. There are a number of companies that provide affordable hosting. Many even include a free domain name for the first year. You can't avoid this cost. This is where your site information is stored online. It might cost around $AUS100 for a year for website hosting. Siteground offers secure, reliable hosting. Dreamhost is easy to work with and very affordable. Avoid GoDaddy (it might sound cheap, but it will cost you in the end). 
Make sure you purchase hosting that offers an SSL certificate, high-speed caching, and, if you're aiming at a global audience, a CDN (Content Delivery Network). Voyager Digital offers premium shared hosting from as low as $6 a month that includes everything you need plus free email hosting. 

WordPress websites

2.  We're aiming for a FAST website setup. So WordPress is your easiest answer. The free blogs from are NOT the best for a business. Instead, a professional site is the way to go. We'll set this up for you but you could browse the range of themes and templates on offer if you have a preference. We also have access to a large selection of premium, paid themes that we already own, so we can offer those to you at no additional cost. A simple discussion on whether you intend to continue adding to your website with a blog (good for SEO!) or if you just want a one-page site showing your business services with clear Call-To-Action contact buttons and forms. This will help us choose the best design for your company.

Website Content

3.  Send us content. Often website design involves the designer getting a feel for the brand 'vibe', a lot of chasing of image content, discussions on logo, reworking written content for greatest impact etc...  But in the interests of speed, if you provide us with cut-and-pasteable content, all your contact details, a PNG file of your images and anything else you want used, we can work SUPER FAST! Content marketing will get you better results long-term, but you can build on that once you have an online presence.

Contact Method

4.  How do you want customers to contact you? If you no longer offer face-to-face meetings or quotes, how do you want to offer potential customers information about your business? We can include an online booking system etc, but to keep things simple, a button to submit a contact form or a button that automatically initiates a phone call is nice and simple. Alternatively, you might want to link from the webpage to your social media page so people can send you a Facebook message or similar.

Draft and Review

5.  Even though the main goal is getting you up and running with a functional web page, we want to make sure you love your website and that it works for you. There will be time to review and approve the draft page and check for errors etc. If you have particular requirements, or want to build a more extensive feature-rich site later, that's fine. In the mean time, we recommend just getting a one-page site with a contact button up as a point of call to spread the word about your business.

Social Platforms Online Marketing

6.  Promote! Get Google to Index your site so it appears on search engines, and share it around on social media. For best results on Facebook, you are actually better off NOT getting your friends and family to 'like' your page unless they are your target audience. Facebook analyses the people who like and interact with your site. If your mum & dad are your biggest fans but actually have zero interest in your business services, then marketing to people like your parents is probably not a great idea. Instead, share your page with past customers or people who MIGHT be interested. If appropriate, spending $10 on a Facebook boosted post to reach your local audience might also be a good idea.

Let's do this together!

Contact us. We want to help. It's not hard to get a user-friendly and great looking website published online, especially with WordPress. Together we can find new ways to spread the word and stay in business.

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