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Regular blog posts are essential for any business content marketing strategy. Businesses use blog articles to establish a strong online presence right across their market with informative content that highlights their knowledge, expertise, work history, brand identity, and community involvement. Regular blog posts are the simplest way to build trust and establish your brand as the leading authority in your field.

Links from your social media pages to informative and engaging blog articles is one of the best ways to drive new customers to your website. Helpful blog posts can also provide your brand with an easy way to generate user-shared content to further engage your fans.

When it comes to SEO, having a range of quality content on your blog with strong internal linkage will drastically increase your organic search ranking leading potential customers to your product and service pages. Giving your customers valuable content that they want to read more of not only improves the impression visitors form about your company it also improves your future search engine rankings.

For boosting your website’s search ranking and performance, improving your click-through interaction rate and time on page is essential. One of the factors that determines how Google will rank your page is your visitors’ ‘time on page’. This important metric can be the difference between getting on top of relevant search rankings or disappearing onto page two. Not only does engaging content genuinely help your customers, it also means Google recognizes the value of your blog and they will show your pages to more people. Well written SEO blog articles are the best way to boost your SEO and help your potential customers get the information they need.

Blog posts and articles written for your brand.

Create a strong online presence, build trust, and establish your brand as the experts in your field with high quality, search optimized blog articles.

Need a single, One-Off Blog Post to get you started?

If you’re starting a new business or launching a new campaign, our writers can provide you with a single, fully researched and SEO optimized blog post to kick things off.

Outsourcing a single professionally written blog post is also a great idea for maintaining momentum and a strong online presence during those busy periods when your staff don’t have time to stay on top of your existing content marketing schedule.

Long-form content around 1000 words or more is typically the most successful when it comes to presenting well-rounded information to your market audience. However, your specific content marketing strategy might call for shorter blog articles with a focus on visual presentation or product images. We can offer a range of services from short blog posts of approximately 300-400 words to capture attention, or longer articles that provide the information your clients need.

Articles can be researched and written on any topic of your choosing including retail products or gifts, health services, fitness, marketing, travel, home decoration and renovation, pets and gardening, technology, and more. Of course, all our blog posts and written articles will come to you fully researched and edited.

Do You Need Regular Content for your Blog?

When it comes to search engine optimization, google prioritizes sites with new content. While business owners know they need fresh and relevant content on their website, most business owners are so busy running their company, providing their professional services, or creating their products that they don’t have the time to write and post articles on a blog.

Content marketing is essential, but there are only so many hours in the day! A managed content creation services allows you to hire a professional content marketing team and outsource your blog writing. You can keep up with your expanding business while continuing to get your message out to new customers and boost your ranking on the search results page.

Voyager Digital can supply you with fresh, up-to-date content every week or once a month. Our content writers will work with you to create a series of articles relevant to your industry and audience.

Writing timely, regular blog articles on a range of topics relevant to your target audience shows your potential clients that your business can meet the evolving needs of your customers. In addition to sharing content about your products and services, your audience will also enjoy learning more about the latest industry events. Using your blog posts to address hot topics, current affairs, changes in your market, and your business’s current activities makes it more likely that your posts will be shared via social networks. Our SEO articles and on-trend research can help you take advantage of current keywords and social trends to increase the reach of your brand and message.

Align your Blog Posts with your Ad Campaign

Launching a hot new advertising campaign to promote your business or product release? We can produce a series of connected blog posts to ensure you have a steady stream of new written content to share with your audience.

Having a series of related topics with easy to follow internal links is a powerful way to draw customers further into your sales funnel. Readers are more likely to stay on your website and click through for more information if your content is interesting, engaging, and relevant.

Writing blog posts that specifically align with the message in your ad campaign and with your product descriptions or paid social media ads will improve the overall performance of your campaign.

If you want to find out how Voyager Digital can help your business with professionally written articles and blog posts, just contact us to discuss your content marketing plans.

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