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Long-Form vs Short-Form vs Image-Based Content?

Repeated studies over the past decade have shown that high quality, long-form content (over 1,000 words) receives more social shares and link-backs than any other form of content. While video content is becoming increasingly popular, long-form written articles still out-perform infographics, quizzes, and short-form articles when it comes to shareability and better SEO results. Written content helps you to build trust by offering well-researched information to your market audience. It also provides your brand with the perfect opportunity to create a great impression and outline your skills and expertise.

Content is King!

If you are looking for ideas about the sort of content you should include in your blog or on your website, it’s important that you offer your potential customers the information they need. While longer content stands out, don’t pad your articles unnecessarily. As always, content marketing is highly niche dependent. If your target audience loves a good meme, a handy infographic, or clear data-visualization, you need content to suit. A well-planned content marketing campaign should aim for a variety of engaging content that delivers a great experience to your website visitors and social followers.

The best digital content for your market

While long-form written content is a clear SEO winner, it’s important you don’t sacrifice user experience in favor of SEO success. When it comes to customer engagement, helpful content delivered via short, informative blog articles is shown to boost conversion rates. It also ensures your website is offering your potential customers the information they need. The best digital content for your business will vary depending on your business goals. Even more importantly, the content you deliver must suit the online platform on which your customers prefer to engage with your brand – from Instagram, to Facebook, LinkedIn, or email, each platform requires its own style and focus.

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